Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate Floors

Look at these overlay ground surface vacuums! We’ve refreshed the rundown for 2019!

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright (HV321 and HV322)

The Overall Best Vacuum For Laminate Floor


  • Convenience, one of the simpler uprights to utilize
  • Low weight implies anybody can deal with it effortlessly (just 8 lbs)
  • Long 32 foot rope for broadened cleaning
  • Driven lights to see under furnishings
  • Functions admirably on low heap cover
  • HV322 model is extraordinary on pet hair
  • Has miniaturized scale fiber cushion to wipe and compass floor


  • Marginally increasingly costly
  • Once in a while the brush comes up short and needs upkeep
  • Little residue cup requires continuous dumping
  • Smaller scale fiber cushion must be cleaned each couple of employments
  • No HEPA channel

The Shark Rocket is an upstanding bagless vacuum that can cover exposed floors and covers with multiple times the intensity of the first model. It comes in two plans (HV321 and HV322) with just one noteworthy distinction between them. The HV322 has an additional brush explicitly for pet hair. On the off chance that you have pets, go with the HV322. If not, spare a couple of bucks and utilize the HV321. They’re precisely the same vacuum generally.

This vacuum comes in at just 8 pounds which makes it madly light and simple to move around.

The Shark Rocket has some good times LED lights on the hand unit and spout just as cutting edge swivel directing. This vacuum accompanies a few connections, including on-board stockpiling cut, tidying brush, fissure device, the Hard Floor Genie and an instrument for pet hair (just on HV322 as referenced), just as a microfiber cushion.

The Hard Floor Genie and microfiber cushion make this an amazing vacuum for hard cover floors. The Genie is the connection that expels the turning brush from the condition so you don’t harm those cover floors. The microfiber cushion basically “wipes” the floor as you vacuum over it. Be that as it may, be cautioned that the microfiber cushion works better when pushed one way (ie just forward) and will in general get grimy rapidly.

The Rocket has “Never Loses Suction, Never Loses Power” innovation however can do as such without the typical weight most upstanding models have. Fast advances for cleaning various regions or territories is effectively taken care of with the brisk discharge foot pedal. The Rocket’s expansion wand additionally makes coming to between tight spaces or up high simple.

The last extraordinary part of the Shark Rocket is the capacity to clean different surfaces other than cover. Numerous clients have raved about how well it vacuums cover too. The cost on this Rocket is likewise entirely sensible contrasted with some other top of the line items.

The greatest destruction of the Rocket is the little residue cup that can top off rapidly. Enormous rooms can require various outings to the trash to exhaust it. Likewise, the Rocket does not have a HEPA channel which could influence a few people.

This upstanding vacuum space has turned out to be loaded with solid contenders, however the scope of highlights, connections and the abnormal state of execution while keeping the weight off puts the HV322 in the highest point of the pack on the off chance that you can bear the cost of it.

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